Höfn (pronounced something like “herpn”, also known as Höfn í Hornafirði, is a town in East Iceland, right on the south-eastern corner of the country. Höfn sits by the lagoon (or fjord) Hornafjörður which is also the name of the large municipality of which the town is the centre and covers the entire area of the county Austur-Skaftafellssýsla. This guide covers both the town itself and the surrounding municipality, excluding the westernmost part which forms one of the main gateways to Vatnajökull National Park. For tourism purposes, the area calls itself the Vatnajökull Region, and there is much truth in this: Nowhere else is quite as dominated by Europe’s largest glacier, nowhere else have people learned to live in such close quarters with the huge sheet of ice.


The main shopping center is only 5 minutes walk away from us. There you will find the main grocery store with a good variety of food products. You will also find there some clothing and a liqueur store. You probably noticed the 2 gas stations when you arrived at Höfn, there you can find fast food amongst other things.


Close to the harbor is Cafe NýHöfn that offers a warm relaxed atmosphere in a retro environment. There are several museums at Höfn. Also at the harbor you will find the information center that houses the Glacier Exhibition. In the last weekend at june the annual Lobster festival is taking place. The festival offers range of activities and happenings where the whole town celebrates together.


A fine choice to dine. Pakkhús Resturant is by the Harbor. The menu is focused on local ingredients. Humarhöfnin is also located by the Harbor area, with focus on langoustine. Kaffihornið is just across the street from us next to the swimming pool. Ósinn – Hótel Höfn is just a few minutes walk away. Víkin Resturant is on your way to the Harbor close by us.


By driving to Ósland in Höfn you can experience the variety of birds and maybe see a seal pop up in the fjord. You can also drive to the coast at Stokksnes where you can take a walk on the black sands. There you might come across some old whale bones that has washed up on the shore.


Nature is all around us to explore. The Mountains for a great hike, Glacier rivers, Black sands where the North Atlantic Sea hits the shore and the Glacier Vatnajökull which is our main attraction.


You can choose from range of activities. Iceguided Tour on Vatnajökull offered by Iceguide. Zodiac boat tours on Glacier Lagoon. Puffin Tours at Ingólfshöfði an hour drive west. Also a trip to Hvannadalshnjúkur, a mountain hiking. Geothermal hot tubs at Hoffell an 15 minutes drive west of Höfn. Árnanes horse riding tours about 5 minutes drive west. Glacier Jeep tours and snow mobiles at Vatnajökull Glacier.