The company is based in Lækjarhús in Borgarhöfn and operated by the couple, Guðlaugur and Laufey.

Fallastakkur is an all round travel company that offers accommodation, Superjeep tours, mystery tours and sightseeing tours on small buses for smaller groups.

We also offer a history walk throughout Borgarhöfn and nearby sights.

There is a great ancient history in Borgarhöfn regarding fisheries, shipwrecks and the battle with nature’s forces, the glacier and the volcanic eruptions.

All our trips are suitable for people traveling by cruise ships that have a brief layover where the traveler can enjoy the best that Icelandic nature has to offer and get a brief history lesson of the habitation in the area.

In Lækjarhús there is also sheep, goat and horse farming. All our guests are welcome to take a look at our farm and see the animals.

Lækjarhús is also home to the couple Friðrik H. Reynisson and Snæbjörg Guðmundsdóttir who live there with their children Selma Björt, Guðmundur Reynir and Friðrik Snær.

They operate a very efficient horse training facility and host shows with their horses on summer nights indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

During the shows they go over what makes the Icelandic horse so special and guests are given the opportunity to view and get to know the Icelandic horse up close.

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