Nýhöfn Nordic Bistro

Kaffi Nýhöfn is located by the harbour in the oldest family house built in the small fishing village Höfn in the year 1897. Kaffi Nýhöfn offers danish open sandwiches, beer and snaps along with [...]

Ósinn Hótel Höfn

Ósinn Hótel Höfn Hótel Höfn has a variety of refreshments. On the menus you can choose from pizzas to gourmet steaks and lobster feasts. The special on our menu is the lobster as this area is [...]


Kaffihornið Kaffi Hornið brings the best local ingredients to the table right on Höfn’s main road sits Kaffi Hornið, where you can find seafood brought straight from sea to the table and a [...]


Humarhöfnin Restaurant The restaurant Humarhöfnin is based on the ideology of preparing and serving local food. Our langoustine is caught by local boats operating from and landing on the pier you [...]


  Pakkhús Restaurant Pakkhús is a new restaurant overlooking the harbour in Höfn í Hornafjörður, southeast Iceland and just beside the new information centre in town. The menu emphasize on [...]